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Poultry & Meat

1Reduce chicken fat

To reduce fat by about 10 grams per serving, remove the skin from the chicken before marinating it.

2Thick gravy tip

To make thick gravy for mutton, chicken or vegetables, grate the onions, squeeze out their juice. Fry the onions and the masala. Add the juice as stock, after the onions are brown.

3Poultry and meat safety

Use separate utensils when dealing with raw meat and other food. Also keep raw non-veg food separate from cooked dishes.

4Tandoori color- a better way

Rather than using food colors, use a mixture of lime water and turmeric to get (almost) tandoori color.

5Get rid of fish smell

Fish smell tends to linger on the pots and pans long after the cooking. Brew some tea (for 10-15 mins) in the pot/pan in which fish has been cooked. Discard tea leaves and water.