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1Keep away flies

Placing two-three tablets of camphor in a hot iron vessel keeps the flies away.

2Remove oil stain

Rub the affected area with a piece of lime dipped in salt. Wash off with soap.

3Drip-free candles

Store the candles in the freezer overnight before lighting them. You will not only have longer candle life but they will be drip-free too.

4Silver jewellery shines again

Apply toothpaste to the blackened silver jewellery and rub well.

5Silver jewellery shines again (another way)

Soak the silver in water in which potatoes were boiled. Let stand for one hour. Wash with soap. And voila ! Jewellery shines again.

6Remove food smell from refrigerator

Place a fresh slice of bread (uncovered) in the refrigerator and it will absorb most of the unpleasant odor.