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Dal Makhani


  1. Black grams 1 cup
  2. Bengal grams 1/2 cup
  3. Kidney beans 1/4 cup
  4. Ginger 1 inch
  5. Green chilli 2-3
  6. Butter 4 tbsp.
  7. Cream 2 tbsp.
  8. Finely chopped tomatoes 3
  9. Finely chopped onions 2
  10. Garlic 7-8 pieces
  11. Cumin seeds 1 tsp.
  12. Asafoetida 1 pinch
  13. Red chilli powder 2 tsp.
  14. Salt to taste


  1. Thoroughly wash black grams, bengal grams and kidney beans. Then soak it in water (2 glasses) for about 7-8 hours .
  2. Add ginger and garlic to the above. Pressure cook for about 10 minutes (3-4 whistles). Then reduce the heat to 'medium' and cook for about 15 minutes. Remove ginger-garlic from the cooked grams and make a paste.
  3. Heat 2 tbsp. of butter in a pan.
  4. Fry asafoetida and cumin seeds in it. Add thinly sliced green chilli. Heat till it gets slight brown in color.
  5. Add ginger-garlic paste and finely chopped onions. Fry until golden brown.
  6. Add chilli powder, finely chopped tomatoes and salt. Cook until the mixture thickens into pulpy sauce (about 3 mins).
  7. Then add cooked grams and kidney beans to the mixture. Heat for 4-5 minutes. You can add a little water if you find it too thick.
  8. Add the remaining butter and cook for 2 minutes.
Dal Makhni is ready to serve. Decorate with cream.