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Potato-Mint Chaat


Boiled potatoes  -4 (medium size)
Mint leaves  -1/4 cup
Yogurt (curd)  -2tbsp
Green chilli -1
Coriander leaves  1/8cup
Lemon juice  -2-3tbsp
Red chilli powder  -1/4tbsp
Cumin seeds powder (Roasted)  -1/2tbsp
Chat masala  -1tbsp
Salt to taste


  1. Cut boiled potatoes into small pieces of almost equal size (about 1/2 inch)
  2. Mix mint leaves, yogurt, green chilli, coriander leaves and lemon juice. Add little water and grind it in a mixer to make paste.
  3. Put the potatoes in a bowl. Add paste (step 2), red chilli powder, salt and chat masala.
  4. Cover the bowl and toss carefully to coat all the pieces.
  5. Roast the Cumin powder and sprinkle to add flavour.

Additional information

Serve with yogurt and tamarind chutney (optional). If you wish you can place the contents in refrigerator to cool.